WOD – 02/13/19

pull-up accessory work (week 3)

10 bench presses (50% of b/w)
10 jumping lunges (2-for-1)
100 double unders

As coaches, we talk a lot about breathing during our workouts. Controlling your breath while you are a moving, taking a big deep breath to re-focus yourself when necessary, and to work on catching your breath during a set break.

Forbes posted an article entitled, “How Breathing Calms Your Brain and Other Science-Based Benefits of Controlled Breathing,” and it is a great read that dives even further into why controlling your breathing is beneficial in our every day lives, not just during a workout.

A quick summary of the article shows that…
1. Controlling your breathing calms your brain
2. Breathing regulates your blood pressure
3. Counting breaths taps into the brain’s emotional control regions
4. The rhythm of your breathing affects memory
5. Controlled breathing may boost the immune system and improve energy metabolism

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