WOD – 01/24/14

5 tempo front squats @ 60%, 5 @ 70% and 5 @ 80%

10min AMRAP
4 power cleans (135/95)
8 burpees
200m row

We are seeing a lot of front squat work recently, because our 1RM front squat is approaching soon. So, I thought I would offer a small checklist of things to work on when practicing at home (because I know you all are):

  • elbows up – the bar’s weight should be resting on your shoulders w/ your fingertips acting as a guide to keep it from rolling around
  • chest up – your elbows staying high will keep your chest from dropping down and forcing your lower back to support the bar’s weight
  • back tight – keep your trunk nice and tight, no rounding of the back
  • weight in the heels – just like in our air squats, keeping the weight in our heels prevents us from falling forward
  • butt back – should be the first move as we descend to the ground
  • knees out – make sure those knees are tracking directly over the toes, keeping them tight on the way down and back up
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