WOD – 03/06/15

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hang power snatch 5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1 @ 95%
1RM clean

Everyone loves the 1RM days! Unfortunately it just happens to be coming on the same day as 15.2 … so choose wisely.

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I was talking with some folks yesterday about how you don’t always want to be in a big rush to come out of the bottom of a lift, whether it’s the receiving position of a jerk, a snatch, or a squat. Sometimes spending a few extra seconds in the space where you feel least comfortable will … help you get comfortable. This article from Catalyst Athletics, although it talks more about the snatch and power positions, still rings true when dealing with squats and the clean. After that big pull, get low, and pause. Get yourself comfortable for a split second, and then stand up strong. If you spend an extra second at the bottom of each lift you are uncomfortable with, I guarantee you that you will find it’s not so bad down there after all.

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