WOD – 06/22/15

hang clean 3 @ 80%, 3 @ 85%, 3 @ 90%
3RM split jerk

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I found this piece from Men’s Fitness called “7 Foods Will Kill Your Endurance and Stamina” … and (after wading through the most online ads I have ever seen) I came across this piece which sheds a much different light on carbo-loading…

Wait, what? Aren’t you supposed to carb-load before endurance activities? Potentially yes, but not in the way many people think, with a big carb-heavy meal the night before a race. The goal of carb-loading is to increase your muscles’ reserves of glycogen, the fuel that your body can turn into glucose as needed for energy. “It takes upwards of a week to maximize muscle glycogen stores,” Accardi says. Plus, too many carbohydrates too close to go-time will just weigh you down—the opposite effect you were going for. For two weeks prior to an endurance activity that will last longer than 90 minutes, he recommends increasing carbs slightly—to about 70 percent of your daily calories, while decreasing fat consumption to keep total calorie count the same—as you’re also tapering down on your training. “I would trial this a few months out from competition to see if it works for you,” he says. “Not everyone’s body responds the same way.”

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