WOD – 07/11/14

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double unders

80-60-40-20 double unders
40-30-20-10 kb snatches (35/26)

PS: if you have wraps, and they aren’t at the gym … pack them for tomorrow. They will help the back of your hand w/ the kb snatches.

Helpful Links:
We are constantly working on posture no matter what movement we’re doing, and words can be helpful, but sometimes a visual is even better. This article on posture shows us a few different ways that we may be hurting ourselves with bad posture, talks about a few ways to improve things, and even has a self-test at the end to see where we are currently on the posture scale.

Remember, your goal (especially with lifts) is always going to be to keep that weight directly over the top of your body. Any forward or backward motion causes you to try to compensate and hold up that weight using (most likely) your lower back, which is no bueno. So avoid a forward back or arched back and try to keep any weight you are moving stacked directly down the center line of your body.

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