WOD – 08/11/14

summer goals work

800m run
10 burpee pull-ups
rest (1:1 work:rest ratio)

The work to rest ratio just means however long it takes you to complete Round 1 that is how long you rest before you start Round 2. So go hard … you will have a good amount of rest ahead of you!

Helpful Links:
It is easy to get frustrated when we think we are not improving with something we have been working on for awhile now. And there is no one right answer for everyone as to when you will get past whatever hump you’re currently behind. Beyond the Whiteboard, which is primarily a WOD tracking system, developed a Fitness Level feature on their site and has put together a blog post complete with quotes, graphs, videos and charts to break down as best as you can how and when a CrossFitter can and should start to see improvement. Results will certainly vary, but this indicates a regular and consistent attendance at the gym.

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