WOD – 11/23/16

Thruster: 1RM (test)

20 pushballs (20/14)
20 gymnastics move you are thankful for
20 pushballs (20/14)
15 gymnastics move you are thankful for
20 pushballs (20/14)
10 gymnastics move you are thankful for
20 pushballs (20/14)
5 gymnastics move you are thankful for

This is our annual Thanksgiving WOD where you are able to choose a movement you are thankful for that will encompass half of your workout. Think about something you maybe were struggling with at this time last year, and have gotten more comfortable with, but still find challenging. Push yourself!

Helpful Holiday Info:
Greg Farris, a nutrition and exercise consultant, is posting, for the next 10 days, tips on how to stay lean and on top of your fitness goals during the holiday season. You can follow him at https://www.instagram.com/myobrain/, now on to the first tip…


Your body isn’t good at differentiating between thirst and hunger. If you find yourself always hungry, yet feel like you eat enough, drink more water!

The importance of drinking water and other fluids is always stressed during the warmer months to prevent dehydration. Unfortunately, many people drop that good habit when it gets cooler, thinking their body doesn’t need as much water. While the risk of dehydration in the winter months is low, it can increase hunger and ultimately calorie intake. On an empty stomach, ghrelin (a hunger hormone) is secreted as a message to our brain that food is needed. Drinking more water helps blunt this response because the stomach won’t be empty. Drink water, beat hunger.

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