WOD – 12/14/16

fall goals

16min EMOM
3, 4 or 5 burpee box jump overs (24/20) + 10 box dips (EVEN MINUTES)
10 KBSDLHP to kb swings (53/35) (ODD MINUTES)

Athlete’s choice for 3, 4 or 5 burpee box jump overs. Choose wisely, because you should try and stick to that number for the whole 16 minutes. For the kettlebell sumo deadlift high-pull to a kb swing you are going to perform the high pull, and then drop your hands back down to your hips with the kettlebell in hand, at which point you will perform the kb swing.

Helpful Links:
Here are 7 emergency hacks to stay healthy this winter from NerdFitness.com: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/7-emergency-hacks-to-stay-healthy-in-the-winter/

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