Week of 10/26/20

Our 1RM re-tests are next week!

Time flies when you’re putting weight over your head. It’s been almost 8 weeks since we’ve been in our new space, which means we’re almost at the end of our strength cycle. If you have even hit half of the classes where we are working on our press, push press, or thruster, you’re almost guaranteed to see an improvement in your 1RM numbers. So, aim to hit 1 or 2 of our strength sessions this week, and then come to as many of the 1RM tests next week to see how your strength level has improved since 7 weeks ago!

Are you an impatient person? According to this CBS News article, it sounds like a lot of us are. I was speaking with a new member today, and emphasizing the importance of taking things slow when joining 13 Stars. And how fitness is a series of many small steps. And it’s when you try and take those big leaps in your fitness that injuries tend to occur. The article discusses the many problems that humans can face when impatience becomes a regular part of your life … problems like “anxiety, illness, injury, loneliness — and even death.” Fortunately, the article also discusses ways to combat impatience, and the reasons behind them are also discussed. Take a look!

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