CrossFit 13 Stars

Week of February 13th

Fun times at Cupid’s Revenge yesterday! Out of 29 teams in the scaled division, Heart Pain came in 5th, The Critters came in 6th and Thruster? I Barely Know Her! came in 11th. A great showing by CF13S yesterday!

Please remember to sign-in to class: If you have questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a line at!

Monday – skill (squat accessory work) + long metcon
Tuesday – short strength (split jerk) + short metcon
Wednesday – skill (core work) + long metcon
Thursday – short strength (front squat) + short metcon
Friday – strength (deadlift + back squat)
Saturday – Intro to CrossFit (individuals) @ 8:00am; Intro to CrossFit (partner WOD) @ 9:00am