WOD – 03/11/14

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5 deadlifts @ 50%, 5 @ 60%, 5 @ 70%

1min wall balls (24/20)
1min burpees
1min rest

Your score will be your total wall balls + your total burpees.

Helpful Links:
My uncle passed along a quick read today. It’s a blog post called “7 Healthy Foods That Turned Out To Be Unhealthy” and it talks about a number of foods that folks used to (and many still do) think are a viable healthy alternative to other foods. The fat free yogurt reminded me of a meme that a lot of CrossFit gyms used to love to pass around that said something to the effect of “Whenever I see the term ‘fat free’ I think ‘chemical sh*t storm’.” Always thought that was scarily accurate.

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