WOD – 04/16/15

10min hang power snatch EMOM (3 reps each min)
… above the knee, mid-thigh, high hang

5 power cleans (135/95)
10 handstand push-ups
20 sit-ups (20/14)

Helpful Links:
A frequent response when talking to someone about cleaning up their diet is something along the lines of “healthy food is so expensive.” And yes, that can be true a lot of the time, but a wise man once told Julie (who then told me) … “You pay sh*t, you get sh*t.” As easy as that. It’s hard to have a healthy body when you’re filling it with sh*tty food. So, when I see a post like this one Pinch of Yum called “24 Healthy Groceries You Need To Get From Target” I always like to share. Not everything on this list is Paleo, but even what isn’t is a good alternative. And what is is most likely a good buy. It’s great to see large stores recognizing the value in carrying healthy products!

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