WOD – 09/22/16

3×3 power jerks

800m run
deadlifts (185/135)
handstand push-ups / strict push-ups
800m run

Helpful Info:
Thursday’s skill work is going to be performing jerks (either split or push) starting with the bar in the back rack position. There are a number of benefits to working with the bar from the back. A few of them are…

1. It is easier to teach athletes how to properly utilize the stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) of the jerk movement. The SCC can also be seen when people bottom out of their squats in order to use the elasticity of their leg muscles to help shoot them back up. Not a great technique, but some folks feel it helps them get up easier.
2. Thoracic spine stability is less of a factor as opposed to performing this movement from chest. This is because folks are not shooting their head backwards in order to get the bar past their face. The ideal movement is to just get your chin out of the way, but athletes struggle with that sometimes, and in doing so lose the stability in their midline.
3. It is easier to produce force vertically, making it easier to teach proper mechanics of leg split and recovery from split position.

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