CrossFit 13 Stars

WOD – 05/19/16

5×3 weighted pull-ups or strict pull-ups

25 unbroken double unders / 50 unbroken singles
25 kb sumo deadlift high pull (53/35)
25 Russian twists (20/14; 1-for-1)
25 push press (95/65; from rig)
25 kb snatches (35/26; 1-for-1)
25 front squats (135/95; from rig)

“Unbroken” means if you mess up on #24, you’re starting back at #1. Focus, Daniel-san!

Interesting Reads:
Craig’s stalking of has turned up yet another interesting article, this time about the changes the FDA needs to make with foot labeling, and how we can better label healthier options on our packaging:

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