WOD – 10/11/18

Thruster: 5×5 @ 75% of 5RM

12min AMRAP
10 bench presses (50% of 1RM)
30/20 calorie row
1 wall walk

In talking to a variety of folks in our health and fitness travels, there tends to be common themes that many of us do that allow us to maintain the healthy lifestyle we have made part of our lives. Below we have listed a few things that you may be doing already, or things you may want to try to allow you to maintain your desired level of fitness a little easier.

1. Don’t Buy Junk

If you keep junk food in the house you will eat it sooner or later. Not having it in the house makes that an easy problem to fix. Even buying junk food for your kids or spouse is not advised since 1) you will likely eat some of it eventually, and 2) your loved ones should not be eating that junk either. It’s called junk for a reason.

Rid your home of chips, cookies, candy, baked goods, pre-packaged snacks and anything else that belongs in a vending machine. Replace the above with fresh fruit, veggies, nuts and other healthy whole foods snacks.

2. Have Priorities

Make exercise a priority. Along with keeping a job, paying the bills and going to the doctor, exercise is an important part of your lives. When possible put exercise before leisure time. This way the hard part is done, and you can kick back and enjoy time with friends and family knowing the workout is behind you.

Treat exercise time with the same importance that you would a business meeting or trip to the dentist.

3. Eat Slowly

How many times have you stuffed yourself simply to clear your plate? Or how many times have you eaten another piece of cake despite being stuffed? The next time you feel full, take it as a sign to stop eating. Yes, even if your plate isn’t empty. Leftovers are a good friend of ours!

Eating slowly will also allow you to digest your food, and bring on that satiated full feeling. It takes time for your body to digest, and to become satiated. So, if you are still eating when you feel full then you have probably eaten a little too much already … potentially leaving you with that “I overate” feeling.

4. Push Yourselves

Challenge yourselves during each workout. Any workout we do is going to allow you to work up a sweat, but only you know when you’re pushing yourself, or when you have a little more to give. Progress is going to come when you exit your comfort zone. Which is not to say you have to be giving 100% every time you are in class. In fact we feel that aiming for an 80% to 85% range of effort on a regular basis is the sweet spot. But it means go for the lighter band while doing pull-ups once in awhile, or aim to swing a heavier kettlebell when you feel you can, or push yourself on a 400m run a little harder than you have in the past. Exercise should make you sweat, make your muscles burn, and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment.

Find ways to make each workout more challenging. For competitive people, the best way to push yourself is to exercise with a friend of similar strength. Another great way to challenge yourself is to set small attainable goals. These goals could be to push heavier weight, to sprint longer, or to do cardio at a higher intensity setting.

5. Don’t Eat and Watch

When your attention is on your entertainment and not on your food, then you will be less tuned in to what and how much ends up in your mouth. Eating in front of the TV is also very habit forming. Ever notice how you crave munchies just as a reflex of sitting in front of the TV?

Eat before or after your entertainment and pay attention to what and how much goes into your mouth.

6. Drink Water

Drink water. Lots of water. And not just in addition to other beverages, but instead of them. Water is the main drink, while other drinks are occasional treats. Calorie-filled drinks are one of the quickest ways to consume excess calories which quickly turn into fat.

Consider water your beverage of choice. Drink plenty of it each day and drink caloric beverages sparingly.

7. Find Support and Be Supportive

Don’t leave your motivation to chance. Connect with a friend or coach, and if you know they are waiting for you then you will be less likely to skip a workout. It is so easy to hit snooze or to talk yourself out of the gym as soon as your behind hits the couch after work. So, as we mentioned above … communicate with a friend and organize a time to meet in order to prioritize your fitness.

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