WOD – 10/20/14

rope climb

12-9-6-3 push press (155/105)
20-15-10-5 deadlifts (same weight)
and finish round w/ a rope climb

Random Thoughts:
I have been asked recently by a number of people how the strength program is setup, so I figured I would give a brief description of how it’s setup. In total we have 18 barbell movements that we use, and each has a partner, which is why you will always see deadlifts and power snatches together, for instance. The main move on any strength day is always going to go from 5RM to 3RM to 1RM. And the complimentary strength movement and the movements seen on short strength + short metcon days follow the Wendler 5-3-1, which you can read about here.

Personally, I think our strength days are 1 of the most important days of our weekly cycle. Strength days are the easiest days to quantify if you are getting stronger, and your technique is getting better, in your lifts. The metcons are great days, but are essentially ways to better your “engine” (or cardio) while getting better at different skills. If there was a “means to an end” metaphor here I’d say the strength is the “means” and the metcons are the “end” … because getting stronger will help you with everything else you do in the gym. As Wendler says on that link, …

“The bench press, parallel squat, deadlift, and standing press have been the staples of any strong man’s repertoire. If you get good at those, you’ll get good at other stuff, as they have such a huge carryover.”

… and that is the way you want to look at our strength movements in the gym. Lifting slowly is not a wasted day in the gym. Quite the opposite. It is a much-needed break from the intense workouts we put our bodies through the rest of the week. In a nutshell … don’t skip strength days. They are a great way to help you get better at everything else we do at CF13S.

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