WOD – 11/27/18

Bench Press: 5×10 @ 50% of 1RM
Snatch: 1RM (test)

This starts our next strength cycle. We will be working on bench press percentage work, as well as testing a 1RM for our snatch.

If you are still working towards getting comfortable with the snatch, or it has been awhile since you last did any snatch work, use tomorrow less as a testing day, and more as a day to start gradually getting more comfortable with weight over your head in the movement. And if you are brand new to the movement then don’t be afraid to work some hang power snatches and power snatches in as well. The snatch is the most challenging barbell lift for most of us, so take it slow, and aim for consistency in the technique before you worry about any serious or challenging weight.

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