CrossFit 13 Stars

WOD – 11/28/17

max effort box jumps + max effort burpees x2 (test)

Similar to the push-ups, pull-ups and burpees cardio test we did a few months back we will test this … do a whole bunch of burpees and box jumps mixed with some more cardio movements during the next 30 days … and then re-test it again in a month’s time. Trying to get the ol’ ticker moving at a better pace!

2 rounds of…
600m row
10 ring push-ups
10 jumping squats
10 strict pull-ups
2 min rest
2 rounds of…
400m row
10 hand-release push-ups
10 air squats
10 pull-ups

Helpful Info
It’s never a bad time to start getting into shape. Whether you want to work off some extra holiday calories, you’re trying to get ready for a summer adventure, or you just want to start feeling better every day, working out has tons of physical and mental benefits.

But whether you want to begin by training for a competitive event like a marathon or triathlon or just kick off a regular gym routine, you may run into a few surprises along the way.

Here are the top five surprises that most people see while working to get in shape.

1. You will gain weight

With daily (or almost-daily) workouts, those extra pounds should just melt off, right?

Not exactly. Most people, especially men, put on some weight initially. This happens quickly too, within the first two to four weeks.

Your body adds muscle mass at the start, which makes you weigh more, even if you lose extra flab around the waist. If you have got significant weight to lose, it should come off eventually. But don’t look for an immediate decrease on the scale – especially if you haven’t altered your diet.

Focus on how your clothes fit instead.

2. You will be more successful if you find a health professional who knows more than you do

Most folks that we come across find us because they do not know what to do at the gym, do not have a specific program at the gym, or are just generally bored with their same old routine.

Getting started with a well laid out program can get you moving in a safe, efficient and positive way. And if you can find a coach to lead you through that then you will also have someone there to help with the fine tune details to continually keep you progressing in your fitness journey.

3. You still can not eat whatever you want

It’s easy to view the fact that you’re burning a few hundred more calories a day as a license to indulge in all the cheeseburgers and ice cream you want.

But most of us can’t eat whatever we want all the time, even if we are working out. Most people are usually getting enough calories, so there’s no need to suddenly start carb-loading.

If you are working out to lose weigh then you are already most likely getting more calories than you need. Start cutting out the items (ie. soda, processed sugars, pizza, etc) you know are not doing you any good little by little.

So go ahead and enjoy the occasional cheeseburger or ice cream as you ordinarily would – but keep it occasional.

4. Some of the greatest benefits of your training might be related to mental health

You are likely trying to get in shape because you want to feel better physically, but that’s not the only way that a training program can improve your life.

Research shows that exercise can reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep and cognitive function, and raise self esteem.

Once they get that workout done, most people will say how much more productive they feel during the day. What’s more, the sleep perks and mental health boost help motivate you to keep up with your workouts – a wonderful cycle, once you get into it.

5. Sometimes, it’s better to skip your workout

You don’t want to miss a workout, especially when you are in a consistent routine. Put your training schedule into your calendar and treating workouts like work meetings that you never miss.

Julie and I talk all the time about how no matter what is going on at home, barring some major catastrophe, your family and home will be just fine without you for an hour. A crying baby will stop crying and be just fine by the time you get home. Make yourself a priority, and get in that hour workout for yourself.

That being said, you also don’t want to hurt yourself, so watch out for overuse injuries. If you’ve been ramping up, doing too much, and not listening to your body, you may hit a point where it’s better to rest, even if it’s not your scheduled off day.

There comes in a time during overtraining where you will plateau and then folks say to themselves, “I am not seeing any positive changes here, so I need to do more.” But the answer may to actually do less for awhile, or be smarter about what it is you are doing during your workouts.

Do your body a favor: Take that break. Nobody ever complained about not being hurt.

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