CrossFit 13 Stars

WOD – 12/02/16

core work
45 supermans (2 sec hold at top)
30 strict T2B
15 strict l-sit pull-ups / legs raises while hanging

16min EMOM
1 legless rope climb / rope climb (mins 1,5,9,13)
2 muscle-up / 4 pull-ups+4 ring dips (min 2,6,10,14)
3 strict deficit HSPUs (mins 3,7,11,15)
4 pistols / attempts (each side) (mins 4,8,12,16)

Helpful Holiday Info:
Greg Farris, a nutrition and exercise consultant, is posting, for the next 10 days, tips on how to stay lean and on top of your fitness goals during the holiday season. You can follow him at, now on to the tips…


This Thanksgiving use smaller plates, bowls and glasses to unconsciously decrease calories.

The sight of an empty plate is a signal to our brain that the meal is complete. This can either work for you with small plates and servings or work against you by using large plates and servings. Studies have shown participants consume more food and drink when presented with larger dishes and utensils. It’s easy to over eat, use this trick to win one over in your hungry eyes.