Week of 02/22/21

The 7 Year Itch

Thank you. ❤

This past year, as I’m sure it was for many of us, was one of the most challenging and inspirational years of our lives. This is an anniversary that we don’t take lightly, don’t take for granted, and realize we are able to celebrate because of the friends we have made and the community around us who has continued to support us.

No matter where you were, what position you were in, and who you were with … we were all doing our part to ensure that the life we had to put on hold in March was going to be there in some capacity when this virus was behind us.

And we continue to do so.

So again … thank you, to every single member of the 13 Stars community and Morristown community that helped, and continues to help, to make sure we’re all around when this is over to help pick up the pieces and build up our communities better than before.


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