Week of 03/01/21

Welcome to the Best Month of the Year

I can’t guarantee the snow is gone for good, or that it won’t quickly be replaced by rain, but the weather patterns are changing! And for the warmer.

The sun is also coming up earlier and earlier. By the time the 5:15am leaves class, it’s not still pitch black, which is beautiful thing.

We will be complaining it’s too hot in the gym soon enough! Just looking forward to opening that garage bay door!

Thoughts on a 10 minute squat hold? Kelly Starrett, who is well known for a wide variety of things in the CrossFit and fitness community, issued the 10 minute squat hold challenge years ago. He felt that going to the gym should not only allow us to build muscle, but also to improve our mobility. And to get to the basics of how humans were meant to move. Take a look at this Men’s Health article to read more.

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