Week of 03/09/20

Thank you!

Even though I said all of our thank yous yesterday in person I wanted to follow up and say how thankful I am, how proud I am, and how inspired I am by everything that happened yesterday (and leading up to yesterday).

We had first time competitors. We had folks who have moved away come back and hang with us for the day to see some old friends. We had family and friends come and cheer on their athletes. We had coaches competing alongside friends. We raised money for two great causes. We had cheers, PRs, and even a photo finish for the finals. Everything we could have asked for in a day.

People can work out anywhere. But it’s the community of people that will keep you coming back. And our community certainly keeps me coming back! I own the place, and I don’t like working out there alone. I love the classes. I love the coaches. I love the personalities that make up our community. It’s the best part of the 3rd floor.

I hope you all enjoyed the day. I hope you all got a good night’s rest last night. I hope you all are drinking a LOT of water today and getting your energy stores back up with plenty of quality foods. And I hope I see not 1 competitor at the gym tomorrow (and maybe even Tuesday) … even though I already see plenty of you signed up for class.

Thank you all for making CF13S what it is. And I hope you are looking forward to next year as much as we already are!

-Brian & Julie

PS: final results …

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