WOD – 03/31/14

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Brian’s Bane
30 cal row
30 mb cleans (20/14)
30 abmat sit-ups
30 jump squats
30 HRPUs
30 lunges (2 for 1)
30 mb cleans (20/14)
30 cal row

Once upon a time when I turned a 30, a programming genius by the name of Gregory B Dillon created “Brian’s Bane” … a WOD with a variety of movements all with 30 reps. The WOD has morphed over the years, but the pain (read:fun) remains the same!

Helpful Links:
Patrick McCarty is a masters athlete who writes regular CrossFit-inspired articles for Breaking Muscle. He can be critical of CrossFit at times, but not without putting some science behind it, which I always appreciate. McCarty wrote two articles that talked about CrossFitters plateauing with their progress in the gym which I found helpful and insightful. The first article he wrote The Life Cycle of a CrossFitter, Part 1: The Dreaded Plateau focuses a lot on the honeymoon phase and the inevitable plateau most CrossFitters experience. With a lot of new faces in the gym, and a lot of members new to CrossFit all together, I thought the ideas he expresses are good for all of us to read.

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