WOD – 04/22/14

handstand push-ups

12min AMRAP
6 power snatches (95/65)
8 hand-release push-ups
10 T2B

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If you have not heard of Kelly Starrett, he is the CrossFit mobility guru, operates mobilitywod.com and owns San Fransisco CrossFit. Outside Magazine recently posted “6 Exercises For Maximum Mobility” and where 4 of the 6 require a band (which I am not against everyone owning at home), there are 2 that could easily be done at home. Mobility homework is never a bad thing, so next time you are sitting down watching TV, jump up and dive down into an air squat. I think 10 minutes, as they mention in the article, is quite aggressive, but start building up to a minute or two while shifting your hips and ankles around to start building up better mobility while sitting down at the bottom of your squat. Can’t hurt (much).

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