WOD – 06/27/14


5min AMRAP
1,2,3,4… thrusters (75/55)
1,2,3,4… pull-ups
2min rest
5min AMRAP
1,2,3,4… deadlift (115/95)
1,2,3,4… push-ups

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I have had the conversation a number of times now with both members and coaches about the term “Rx” and how it seems to do more harm than good sometimes. To be clear, if you Rx a workout, you are not only doing the weight that is on the board, but also doing each movement to a full range of motion (ie. you are getting below parallel on each and every air squat you do). Box Life Magazine’s article, “Rx or Scaled: How Do I Decide?” touches on a few key points to think about when deciding whether to Rx a workout or not. With everyone On-Ramp I have given, I have said at one point or another that we would rather see you use an empty bar for 3 months than to see you rush to achieve what is written on the board just because everyone else is doing it. Whether someone succeeds or not will not make you a better athlete, so focus on you. Stay safe and stay consistent and worry about the intensity and heavy loads later. There is a big difference between pushing yourself and getting in over your head, and it usually relates to how fast you’re trying to rush to better yourself.

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