WOD – 08/24/17

12min EMOM snatch complex

A power snatch to an overhead squat. 2 full reps of that complex. So PS > OHS, back is back down, and then another PS > OHS. Increase weight only if you are comfortable with both movements, as we focusing on developing a more solid technique for each. Also aim for a 1-2 second pause in the bottom of your squat to get comfortable in the bottom. There should be a distinct pause between the power snatch and the squat. This is not a full/squat snatch.

6min EMOM
3 front squats to a press (75% of 1RM press)
1 minute rest
6min EMOM
4 front squats to a push press (same weight)
1 minute rest
6min EMOM
5 front squats to a push jerk (same weight)

The front squat will be accomplished with a pause in between the overhead movement. This is not a thruster.

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