WOD – 02/16/15

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front rack lunges / front squats

15min time cap
row 250m
10 front rack lunges (115/75)
15 kb snatches (35/26)
20 box jumps
25 front squats (115/75)
20 box jumps
15 kb snatches (35/26)
10 front rack lunges (115/75)
row 250m

Helpful Links:
PJ introduced us to pink (Himalayan) salt recently, and after some research found that a number of websites offer it up as a healthier alternative to table salt. Table salt is generally recognized as a heavily processed item, and typically has all nutrients (ie. magnesium, potassium) stripped from it, and in a lot of cases, even dyed white to look like salt. So, if you see pink salt in the stores (or even legitimate sea salt, there are some companies that claim they are a sea salt product and are just table salt), then give it a shot. See if you can taste a difference. It tasted delicious on our steak Thursday night!

Take a look at a quick list here of possible health benefits of pink (Himalayan) salt.

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