WOD – 05/09/16

3×5 tempo front squats

calorie row
wall balls (20/14)
kb swings (53/35)

I’m always interested to hear what athletes are the top of their game eat, and I found a sample day for Ronda Rousey which I thought was interesting…

For breakfast Rousey’s meal consists of “a [bowl of chia seeds] every morning [and] a coffee to drink on the way to the gym.” Chia seeds are the small seeds of the South American Salvia Hispanica plant, which were valued by the Aztec and Mayan cultures for their strength-giving properties. The seeds are considered a superfood today, being low in calories and very high in nutrients. Rousey puts two tablespoons in her bowl, along with two tablespoons each of hemp seeds, oats and agave nectar. Oats contain protein, which helps build muscles, while agave nectar is considered by some to be an excellent sugar substitute, thanks to its relatively gentle effect on blood sugar levels. She add a quarter cup of energy-rich raisins, a pinch of cinnamon to help fight bacteria and one tablespoon of almond butter. She also adds raw coconut oil, the natural sweetener stevia, grass-fed butter containing vitamin K2, which is thought to be good for the arteries, and more cinnamon to her gym-bound cup of joe. This breakfast, mainly thanks to the oats, is a filling one and packs a powerful nutritional punch that keeps her going right through to lunch. The rest of her diet needs to provide just as much energy to keep up with her training and active lifestyle.

For lunch everything on Rousey’s menu here is packed with protein and muscle food. Two scrambled eggs go on the plate, along with some spinach to provide vitamins K and A and iron, while red pepper offers vitamin B and magnesium. Tomatoes, nutrient-packed mushrooms and avocado are added into the mix with the eggs on Ezekiel bread, no doubt chosen for its lack of added sugar. The dish also contains turkey bacon, which is high in protein but low in calories.

For dinner she has chili that contains red and green bell peppers, both of which offer vitamin and mineral benefits. More hemp seeds and avocado are used in the chili, as is six ounces of ground turkey to provide vitamins, minerals and protein. Cayenne and chili pepper is added along with a quarter-cup of beans. Kidney beans, commonly added to chili dishes, are packed with protein but are very low in fat. Their high levels of fiber help keep a lid on blood-sugar spikes after a meal too, so they are an ideal ingredient for an athlete such as Rousey.

For dessert she has Greek-style yogurt with chia seeds and agave.


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