CrossFit 13 Stars

WOD – 09/12/18

clean complex x6 (65% of 1RM push press; from rig)

The complex is…
high hang clean > hang clean > push press
high hang clean > hang clean > push jerk
high hang clean > hang clean > split jerk

Aim to do all 9 reps without re-racking the bar. All 9 reps makes up 1 set. So, 9×6 reps should be completed in the end. You may catch the cleans in a power position, doesn’t have to be caught in a squat.

3 minutes of max effort calorie row
2 minutes rest
3 minutes of max effort wall balls (20/14)
2 minutes rest
3 minutes of max effort sit-ups

The result will be the max effort reps/calories that were completed during each of the three minute sets. Please record each max effort number separately.

This will be our monthly test for September. We will see this again in early October!

To all the “it is too expensive to eat healthy” folks out there … take a look. Not even getting into the “you will either pay for food now, or for medicine later” arguement, this is simply ways to go about making sure that you are not breaking the bank buying the good stuff with every trip to grocery store.

This is the TL;DR version, but you can find the full article here:

Mistake No. 1: Buying Produce Without a Plan
Mistake No. 2: Frequenting Convenience Stores for Snacks
Mistake No. 3: Buying Foods Out of Season
Mistake No. 4: Ignoring Frozen Foods
Mistake No. 5: Thinking Canned Foods Are Gross
Mistake No. 6: Throwing Away Produce That’s Going Bad
Mistake No. 7: Shopping Without a List
Mistake No. 8: Purchasing Bottled Water
Mistake No. 9: Opting for Organic Only
Mistake No. 10: Going With the Name Brand Every Time