WOD – 10/28/15

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Leg raises over parallettes (3 sets of 10)

15 deadlifts (225/185)
15 clean and jerks (95/65)
15 thrusters (75/55)
15 overhead squats (45/35)
15 burpees

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The articles about the WHO (World Health Organization, not the rock group) demonizing processed meats and red meat has been making the rounds this week on social media, and just like any health and fitness study out there the articles showing the flipside of that coin have also started to emerge. Something to keep in mind is that with most studies, it’s hard to know more about the people they studied. Did they smoke, did they drink, did they exercise, how much did they exercise, how old were they, what quality of meat were they eating, how was the rest of their diet, etc. I find it hard to listen to general sweeping statements like “meat is bad for you” when articles like this come out because there are SO many other factors that could play a part.

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