WOD – 11/28/16

Thruster: 5RM

14min EMOM
5 power cleans (75% of 1RM)
max double unders
1 minute rest

Work for 1 minute, rest for 1 minute. Score is total number of double unders collected in 14 minutes.

Helpful Holiday Info:
Greg Farris, a nutrition and exercise consultant, is posting, for the next 10 days, tips on how to stay lean and on top of your fitness goals during the holiday season. You can follow him at, now on to the tips…


Remove the snacks in your office from your eye sight and reaching distance!

In a study done by Brian Wansink, he found that people ate 2.2 more pieces of chocolate when the treats were placed in clear jars vs opaque. Participants also ate 1.8 more pieces when the jar was in reaching distance of their car vs. across the room.

Even with normal portion-control meals, mindless snacking at the office can add hundreds of calories to your intake and may be the culprit of your weight gain. It’s also easy to forget about these snacks, so we don’t compensate by eating less at the next meal.

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