CrossFit 13 Stars

WOD – 08/29/16

2 rounds – core work
30sec flutterkicks
30sec bicycle crunches
30sec plank hold
30sec l-sit hold
30sec sidebends
30sec leg raises from rig
1min rest

10min EMOM
2 power cleans + 20 double unders (odd minutes)
2 clean and jerks + 20 double unders (even minutes)

You are going to be performing two clean and jerks at the same weight you just power cleaned. After you have completed the two clean and jerks you will increase your weight for the next minute of powers, and repeat. So, you should have five different weights in mind for the whole workout.

Interesting Reads:
I have been mentioning to members recently to leave the word ‘just’ out of their vocabulary. “I just did 45 pounds”, “I just did jumping pull-ups”, “I just ran 200m”. If what you have just accomplished was more than you could have done when you walked into CF13S then be proud. Slow progress is still progress, and as long as you’re moving forward then you’re moving in the right direction. I found this article about complaining and negative thinking, how it can be detrimental to us, and how we can work on changing that and thought it was relevant to this situation:

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